Morning Movement – Better than Coffee*


How to Feel Energized on a Monday Morning

Incorporating Morning Movement Into Your Routine

Monday morning is back again. Regardless of your schedule there seems to be something about Mondays that affect people in general. Enter – slow motion, lethargy and lack of motivation. There is nothing wrong with honoring the need for slow movement but if you need to tap into some energy to get through the day, start moving!

No, I am not one of those people who hits the gym or runs a half marathon in the early AM, and you don’t need to be either. Actually, I’m typically a silent and slow mover in the morning. However, nothing invigorates my body better than getting the blood flowing after hours of stillness and rest.

To be honest, I don’t do the same thing every morning, I like to change it up depending on what my body is asking for. Take time to tap into your body and ask what it wants and it will speak to you. Most likely it’s just asking for a little love.

Slow, conscious movement works best for me. First, I do a complete body scan and really breathe into the tight spaces. Then I begin to incorporate movement to loosen up my tight muscles and shake the sleepiness from my cells. I even imagine my breath activating each cell and gently orchestrating a dance through my body.

Once I get the cells and muscles moving with breath the energy effortlessly begins to flow. It’s amazing to witness energy pouring in! It’s possible to tap into a deep source of energy, which is always available, you just have to open yourself up to it. For me, it’s better than coffee!* 💜✌🏼

Some of my favorite morning movement:

Restorative Yoga

Deep stretching and muscle activation and release, yes please! I love taking long holds and really enjoying each yoga pose. I allow myself to sit with each pose for a number of deep breaths. Bringing awareness to every aspect of my body feels so nurturing! Try Yin Yoga for a more passive practice, or Vinyasa to incorporate breath-to-movement.

Floor Movement 

Who knew rolling around on the floor could feel so good! (And it’s totally not weird). Allowing your body to move organically on the floor and bringing fluid movement to your spine and joints feels so liberating! You are only as young as your spine is flexible so invite in playfulness to open up. Try flexing, releasing, bending, flowing and rolling in any way that feels juicy and right.

Wall Handstands

Okay, so this one is a little livelier! But if you wake up and really want to tap into that energy source, get inverted! The fresh flow of blood will improve your circulation and the muscle activation will get your heart rate up and really get you going! I enjoying doing wall drills, facing the wall while inverted and allowing the support of the wall to help me find a strong and steady line. Then hold, breathe, and come down gently and enjoy the rush of energy.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your morning practice! It’s such a wonderful self-care routine. 🌞💚

Want to incorporate more movement into your life? I’d love to help you plan and establish a loving daily practice. Feel free to reach out and we can make movement a priority in your life!

Love & [Fire] Light! 💖🔥



*Disclaimer on the coffee comment: Well, that is like, my opinion, man. (said in the voice of ‘The Dude’ in “The Big Lebowski”)😂😂


📸 by the incredible @brandonplantz – Check out his work: 

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