My Experience with The New Age Circus

How to Live the Perfect Day

Reflecting on Momentom Collective – The New Age Circus


Let Me Take You on a Journey

Take a moment to drop in. Deep into your heart space. I ask you to envision your idea of a Perfect Day. What would it look like? Can you See it? Now, what does it FEEL like? Use your senses and delve deep into what it smells like, sounds like and even how it tastes.

You may notice a shift in your energy as you do so. A buzzing sensation, perhaps? A warming glow emanating from your skin. Your heart noticeably beating faster, stronger, so that you can almost hear it sing with vibration. Yeah, that is the place where Magic happens.

What if you could bring that vision to life? Or the more relevant question is, what is stopping you from bringing that vision to life? Your Perfect Day is possible! If you Will it into creation, it will Be.


Photo captured by Global Degree

The Perfect Day

My Perfect Day occurs in a vibrant paradise, saturated with color and scenic views. A place cradled by nature, touched by all the elements, seemingly at the center of it all. Where every movement creates waves and you deeply understand the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit and all the spaces in between.

I would wake up to the sun rising over an abundant body of water. Taking time to rise slowly and savoring the present moment, each bare footstep on the ground. I’d transition into juicy morning movements to activate my body, then slide into meditation where I expand at the edges and tap into Flow State.

My Perfect Day would be shared with other beings, who like me, live with an open heart and open mind, who believe in magic and ride on the waves of adventure. Who explore the capacity of their human form and use it to express art through movement, music, language and connection. Who come together to teach, to learn, to share nourishment and exchange energy so that we are all Lifted in turn.

As the sun sets, and the stars blink open above us, we would dance wildly in celebration of life. Spinning along with the earth, dancing around the sun. Moving as unique expressions of a Collective Whole. As the lull of the evening eventually winds us down we share stories of magic and experience. We talk of possibilities that have no limits like time and space. Until sweet dreams overcome me and I’d rest deeply.


Living the Perfect Day

I know this to be my Perfect Day as I have already lived it before, and will live it again! I want to express gratitude for Momentom Collective for creating the space for me to experience firsthand my Perfect Day, as described above. As I reflect on my experience at Momentom, I feel that delicious buzzing sensation of dreams being actualized, of living in alignment with my heart and soul.

So here’s a loving shout out to Momentom and the incredible humans who make it all possible! Especially to Gabrielle Bonneville, Lisa Renee, Jeff Kirdeikis, Alice Faeland, John Early, Taylor and Veronique Zork, Faegann Harlow and all the beautiful and talented people who assembled to create a haven for us all to connect and expand. There were so many people who touched my heart during my stay at Momentom, I couldn’t possibly name them all (but I list them in my heart).



What is Momentom Collective?

In a nutshell, Momentom Collective is a new age circus for the digital nomad. They have residencies across the globe for people who embrace circus, yoga and performance lifestyle and want to actualize their dreams and find a community that supports them completely. This residency is so much more than a retreat because you equally contribute what you take away.  

Not only can you come to train and refine circus related skills, you may also offer your creative passions by teaching the skills you already have, facilitating talks and workshops, creating music, art or ceremony or simply by holding space. At Momentom you are equal parts a student and a teacher. It also offers a constructive workspace for entrepreneurs and those who subscribe to the digital nomad lifestyle.

The talent, passion, and creativity at Momentom is inspiring and provides you the tools to create the life you wish to live. This is your chance to truly live your dreams. Come to train, to teach, to connect, come as you are, leave as you want to be. I highly recommend you connect with Momentom today if the world-traveling circus, yoga and digital nomad life makes you feel alive. The possibilities are endless! Do “That Thing” that makes your Heart Sing!

Check out this amazing video captured at the Guatemala Residency. You can see me in my true element, hooping my heart out.  💖Video by Global Degree


Poetic Reflections on Momentom Collective

Here is an IG post I made shortly after my stay. A poem to Momentom, if you will.

#throwback to a very special place in between the lines of our perceived linear time. Where Magic dripped from the colored pixels of the textured scenery. Where Movement embellished every action with Passion and Heart. Where Connections deep as the watery depths of this seemingly passive lake emerge from tumultuous currents beneath the surface. Every particle so completely ALIVE in a wild dance of Creation and Consciousness! We tumble, we rise, we float, we Fly, we extend out of our being, past our limits only to realize there are.. no.. edges! Just an ecstatic churning of brilliant energy in orchestrated chaos! Pure Bliss. THAT Place that fleetingly passes across the back of my vision as I bat my eyelids. Always there. Always present. Like a filter with which I now see the world. And I am eternally GRATEFUL!

Connect with Momentom Collective and join the new age circus today!

Momentom has upcoming Residencies in Bali, Indonesia in and Guatemala.


Photo captured by Global Degree

Want to get into the Circus and Flow Arts life today?

I do private sessions for Hula Hoop, Poi and Partner Acrobatics. Let’s activate your inner entertainer! No experience necessary!

Email me at 🔥


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