Busy Living or Too Busy to Live?

Are You Too Busy for Life?

Why You Should Ban the Word ‘Busy’ from Your Vocabulary

Photo by Brandon Plantz

“Hey! How are you today?”


How many times have you heard that response? How many times have you given that response? I bet a lot more than you even realize.


How Are You Today?

I saw a friend the other day who I hadn’t seen in a while. Being super excited to catch up, I naturally ask, “How have you been?”  “Busy!” they replied with exasperation. Wow, I thought, that sounded pretty weighted, and not necessarily a good thing! I inquired further and they began to fire off a long laundry list of activities they accomplished recently as if mentally checking off their To Do list. After a long pause, allowing the heaviness to sink in, they asked, “So, how are you?”

My brain went through a flipbook of a million things I had going on, but my stomach turned as the word “busy” tried to escape my lips. Somehow “busy” did not seem to do justice what i’ve been experiencing. “Life has been filled with so many amazing things!” I replied. Their eyes lit up and I imagine that mine did too. Wow, that felt good!


Too Busy for Our Own Good

Yeah, we are ALL busy! It’s a staple of our culture to utilize every minute of our day to be productive, to accomplish our To Do list, to work towards our dreams, to change the world, but also to make sure rent happens. But if “busy” is the only adjective you can use to describe your life in a nutshell, is that really the way you want to be living?


Have an Abundant Day

I decided to cut the word “busy’ out of my vocab from that moment on, and it’s completely shifted my perspective on what I do every day! I now substitute with words like abundant, full and complete. How much better does that sound? I am having such an abundant day! My Life has been full of opportunities and each moment is complete! Yes. That’s the kind of life worth living!

When you use the word “busy” it tends to imply that you are doing things that you “have” to do, or “should” do. It’s normally said with a sigh also implying that busy is something overwhelming and not really a pleasant experience. If your day is abundant, full and complete then it implies you are having a positive human experience. And why not? We deserve to!


Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

It may be true, you can’t live every day like you’re on vacation (so some say), and some days you may realize you have over-dedicated yourself, however, you still get to choose how to frame your perspective. You can look at your day or your To Do list with resentment or you can look with eager eyes and get excited about the things you choose to bring into your life.

There are always going to be things we “have” to do or “should” do, but ultimately we still choose to do these things. We always have a choice. Owning the fact that you have a choice every day to fill your life with people, tasks, events and experiences will allow you to realize how empowered you really are.

If you are actively choosing to go to your current job, to attend certain events, to be around specific people, why not enjoy the experience? If you change the way you phrase your life description, you can change the way you think about life completely.


Try It Out

You can say “My day is full with clients who depend on me because i’m good at what I do, money comes in abundance because I deserve it, I attend events because I enjoy them and learn from them, and I hang around people who encourage my growth and healthy lifestyle.” Now, doesn’t that feel good?

If you really do not enjoy your day-to-day life, it’s time to make some serious shifts! In the meantime, though, start with the things you can change right now, like the way you perceive. What you speak becomes your truth and permeates into what you feel, do, think and experience and the way you relate to others. So speak of a life you want to live, that you choose to live, that you completely enjoy living!

Remove “busy” from your vocabulary! Start using the adjectives that get you excited about life! And have the most full, abundant and complete day!

Love & [Fire] Light! 🔥
Brittany Nicole | Yoga Fire Flow

Email me at Yogafireflow@gmail.com or contact me via Facebook at YogaFireFlowSD

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