A New Year With Intention

A Year of Self Care & Refined Growth

How I Commit to My Intention Setting

Photo by Brandon Plantz

A New Year, a New You

We’ve all heard this one! Honestly, I believe every day is a new day to start over, to start planning, to start DOING. However, beyond the hype, I still believe it’s very powerful to create new year’s intentions and I put a lot of thought and time into it every year!

Preparing My Intentions

Typically in the month leading up to the new year I begin reflecting on the past year, as is natural! I think about what I did, where I went, who I spent time with and most importantly, what I learned. I’m always in awe of how many amazing things unfolded! As I reflect, I begin jotting down related items that I didn’t get around to just yet, or I know I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Highlight the Positive

Personally, I find it helpful to highlight the positive. Rather than “do not do this, or cut out that”, I like to focus on what I want to call in. This gets me excited about the possibilities, rather than feeling restricted.

Refining Intentions

Once I have pages of intentions written down (yes pages, I tend to write a lot), I begin to group and summarize them in categories. I then decide what’s most important to me right now or what I truly want to accomplish in the new year. By trimming down the list I know I have a better chance of following through with my intentions.

Make It Memorable

I know a few people who organize their intentions with timelines and due dates and I think that’s incredible and probably very helpful. However, I don’t often follow a very linear way of thinking. For me, I need to make it emotional. Make it memorable.

Self Ceremony

Typically I do a simple self-created ceremony. The key is I put a lot of heart and energy into the moment so it becomes powerful and is burned into my memory. I make the ceremony an offering to the new year and to my future self. For example, I may physically write out my intentions on tiny pieces of paper, hold each in my palm and reflect, then toss it into a fire and watch it burn completely. I have also stood on the shore of the ocean, writing my intentions in the sand for the waves to carry out, then plunged into the freezing water as a seal of commitment. I enjoy these moments solo so I can allow myself to let go and deeply feel the power of each intention.

Vision Board

I absolutely love holding a vision-boarding night each year! This is fun to do in a group setting as we all inspire and encourage one another. I get a few friends together and we all contribute magazines, glue and glitter and get crafty! Unlike my written intentions, my vision board is more of an intuitive flow. As I scan magazines I find pictures and words that jump out to me and I cut them out. I keep my written intentions in mind as I do so, but I also allow creative possibilities to be included. I then place the pictures and words organically on a poster board and allow them to lay as seems natural. I love overlapping, sideways and upside down content. I love vibrancy and contrast and rhythmic flow! My vision boards are always so catching I can’t possibly ignore my new year’s intentions! Finally, I hang my vision board in a place I will see it every day.

Photo by Brandon Plantz

2018 Personal Recap

2018 was all about exploration for me. I tried many new things, saying yes to all sorts of activities I hadn’t tried before. I met so many incredible people by being open to conversation and listening more than I spoke. I explored beautiful new terrain in countries abroad and driving up the length of California and back. I also explored inner terrain by *finally* meditating every single day (I’ll never miss a day again!). I read into several philosophies and religions and sciences to see what sparked my interest. I wanted to see what called to me. “You won’t know if you like it until you try it!” 2018 was wonderful and exciting and oftentimes completely awkward, but I’m glad I did it all!

Looking Forward to 2019

In 2019 I want to refine my explorations and place my energy in areas that strongly resonate. I plan to spend time with people who are deeply happy, colorful and enlightening. I aim to dive deeper into the aspects of life that fascinate me, or simply “feel like home” in my heart. I will commit to the things that continue to create a healthy and happy human experience. While my spontaneous Aquarius soul still wants to, “try all the things!”, I know in order to understand and experience anything on a deeper level I will need to pour more energy and time into it. I spent a few days prior to the new year hibernating and determining what I want to call in this year.

Here Are Some of My New Year’s Intentions:

Overall themes:

  • Stay True to Self! Dedicated self care for mind, body and spirit
  • Complete transformative life shift – Stay tuned!


  • Travel abroad – At least two new countries
  • Yoga Fire Flow – Teaching and performing ❤
  • Blogging weekly (*wink wink*) and writing and posting daily


  • Meditation with intention
  • Trust intuition with firm decisiveness
  • Earth honoring and attunement with natural cycles


  • Strengthen self yoga practice for overall body wellness
  • Train flow arts, circus, aerial, and acro for sustainability rather than the quick trick
  • Two minute handstand, consistent handstand press, one arm float


  • Money flows to me in abundance!
  • Save money strategically to travel and explore

Learn / Study:

  • Speak and understand Spanish
  • Human anatomy, alignment, etc


  • Selfless service – find a cause and commit to it!
  • Be the Best Human Possible ❤

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best on your new year’s intention setting and hope you have the most incredible and transforming new year!

Photo by Brandon Plantz

Love & [Fire] Light! 🔥
Brittany Nicole | Yoga Fire Flow

Email me at Yogafireflow@gmail.com or contact me via Facebook at YogaFireFlowSD

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