Dance Medicine

An Evening of Yoga, Sound, Performance and Dance

Trilogy Sanctuary Dance Medicine, January 2019

photo captured by Sky Film Media

Welcome to Dance Medicine

An evening of music and movement at it’s finest. Rooftop in La Jolla, California, we gather in celebration of life. Where musical vibrations stir the cells of the body and the soul responds with organic, rhythmic movement. Dance Medicine is an all-encompassing, high vibrational event that artistically collaborates music, movement, performance and healing arts and supports a community founded on health and wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Trilogy Sanctuary’s Dance Medicine is an event you don’t want to miss! The first Dance Medicine of 2019 will be held Saturday, January 19th. Yoga, Sound Healing, Fire and Aerial Performances, Live DJ and Ecstatic Dance, Body Healers, Tea Ceremony, Organic Vegan Food, Elixir Bar and the most fascinating collection of humans from all walks of life.

Photo captured at Dance Medicine 2018

Join Me for a Juicy Dance Yoga Flow

Kicking off the evening, I’ll be guiding a delicious Dance Yoga session! I’ll encourage blending the boundaries between yoga, dance and organic flow so you can expect to experience some bounce for your asana! Allow yourself uninhibited movement in this yoga dance flow. I invite you to move with embodied expression, juicy transitions and loving awareness. This yoga session will get you ready to shake it on the dance floor for the headlining DJ, Phutureprimitive!

Photo captured by Bryan Anderson Photography

Fire and Aerial Performances on the Rooftop

Join me on the rooftop deck after Dance Yoga & Sound Healing, and enjoy a delightful showcase of talent with fire dancing and aerial performances by the Trilagypsies. I’ll be lighting up the night with passion fueled fire dancing! There is nothing I adore more than lovingly manipulating such a powerful element as fire. I invite you to glimpse the world from my firey perspective, and to dance wildly in the flames of your own heart. ❤

Photo captured at Dance Medicine 2018

DJ and Ecstatic Dance

This Dance Medicine features the incredible DJ and Producer, Phutureprimitive who floods dance floors with his groovy, bass-heavy vibrations and intricate, melodic sounds. Allow complete freedom in movement and expression on the dance floor. This community encourages your authentic self to come out and play! Dance into the evening with every vibrant cell of your being. I can’t think of a better way to launch into this amazing new year!

Photo captured at Dance Medicine 2018

Meet Me at Trilogy Sanctuary

Trilogy Sanctuary is more than just a beautiful venue. It is a complete health and wellness sanctuary, as the name implies. They offer a wide variety of yoga and aerial classes everyday, both indoor and rooftop. You will find a delicious all organic, vegan cafe with delightful dishes, smoothies, juices and deserts. They also provide an array of healing modalities in energy work, nutrition and more. Trilogy is a total mind, body and spirit experience. Most notably though, Trilogy creates a special haven for community with many amazing events and workshops monthly. They are well-known for their vibrant full moon parties, new moon and cacao ceremonies, acrobatics workshops, sound healings, and of course, Dance Medicine.

Owner Leila Dora and her lotus at Dance Medicine 2018

Save the Date!

I hope you can join us on January 19th for the first Dance Medicine of 2019! Come early for Dance Yoga & Sound Healing, be entertained with fire and aerial performances, grab a tasty treat at the cafe and then dance the night away to live music. The Trilogy tribe welcomes you with open arms!


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Love & [Fire] Light! 🔥
Brittany Nicole | Yoga Fire Flow

Facebook: YogaFireFlowSD

Instagram: @YogaFireFlow




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Facebook: TrilogySanctuary

Instagram: @TrilogySanctuary

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