Goodbye Ocean Beach, Hello World


New Year Reflections

Yesterday, on January 1st 2020, I moved out of my cozy, inexpensive, bottom floor, alleyway entrance apartment in strange but lovely Ocean Beach, CA. A San Diego beach-side city I have quite a deep admiration for. With it’s weird quicks, crooked Christmas trees, weekly mini festival-style market days, local shops and deep OB pride. A place you can never predict what oddity you may experience while traversing the streets. It will be hard-pressed to find a community as unique as this one. Yet, the time has come to fly the nest and take on the next big life adventure.

I’ve never been too attached to a city or residence, as my family moved a lot growing up. Yet coming over the hill from Point Loma into Ocean beach on the night of January 30th 2019 with the twinkling lights ending at the vast ocean, a wave of grief and love washed over me all at once. I’m going to miss this place. I feel intricately tied to the land here. Hell, this is the longest place I’ve ever lived.

Especially the drastic oceanside cliffs, where I’ve spent so much of my past 9 years. Tumbled by the ocean waves, delicious cat naps on the beaches, fire dancing at the cliff edges, moving my body through countless yoga flows, meditating at the coves by sunlight and moonlight. Watching sunsets that captivate attention, over and over and watching humans navigate and interact in this beautiful space. 

I’ve been in love here, gone through grief here, I’ve met people who have changed my life forever and people who pass through. I’ve experienced some of the most profound moments, and most challenging growth. Laughter, tears, amazement, human connection, spiritual connection, sandy toes, roaring ocean waves and overhead planes and a sense of belonging like nowhere else I’ve ever been.

I sure am going to miss you OB. The fond memories keep flowing in, but I can never completely capture the essence of OB in a short morning post. You will just have to experience it for yourself. 


Big Life Adventure

On January 7th 2020 I take off for Bali, Indonesia with the intent to travel for at least 6 months across Southeast Asia and potentially beyond. I left my comfortable corporate job of 9 years so I can take this personal time to explore the world and reconnect to who I am at the deepest levels. It wasn’t an impulsive decision, but rather a very long and planned process of transitioning. “That thing” that I’ve always wanted to do, well, I’m making it happen.

When people ask what my plans are, I find myself giving various answers; to practice and teach yoga, to explore foreign lands and culture, to dive into meditation and spiritual practice, to chronicle my journey, or to find my next career direction. I suppose it will encompass all of those things, but in all honesty I don’t have a reason. This journey is more like a blank canvas. A new space for limitless possibilities to conjure. I left most of my trip open to allow life to flow organically. I land in Bali on January 9th, and the rest is up for exploration.

I intend to follow my intuitive knowing. Whether to linger longer in a place that fascinates me, or to venture on to new terrain. To follow the breadcrumbs from destination to destination knowing  this is the path I am meant to follow. And I do know this is the path I am meant to follow. Despite all of the challenges life presented in 2019, everything seemed to fall into place the day I bought my plane ticket. 

Every step of the way I do an intuitive check-in and so far this transition has been the most natural I have ever made albeit the most drastic. So here I am on the precipice of my big life adventure, surprisingly at ease. I feel complete in closing out my life as I know it and confident in my decision to move forward. I have no idea what the future will hold, but for now, good-bye Ocean Beach, hello world. 🙂


Love & [Fire] Light! 🔥
Brittany Nicole | Yoga Fire Flow

Instagram: @YogaFireFlow

Facebook: YogaFireFlowSD


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